Hello, and welcome to Feed. Love. Nurture. I am glad you are here. I created this website to share about my own parenting journey centered on my decision to breastfeed and going dairy free along the way.

I did not know much about breastfeeding before getting pregnant. I was around friends who breastfed, but I cannot say I ever saw them breastfeed. We never discussed their experiences or decisions in any detail.

One of my first adult memories of breastfeeding was while I was in law school. I stayed with a friend who pumped breast milk for her daughter before going to work. I remember listening to the rhythm of the pump in the next room as I briefed cases for class. I also remember her coveted hoard of frozen breast milk in little bags taking up half of her freezer.

Despite this memory, I cannot say we ever really talked about breastfeeding or her experiences or thought process. Perhaps this lack of direct communication was due to my own barriers I constructed because of my struggles with fertility. Perhaps it was simply because I lacked an awareness as to the life changing nature of becoming a mom or the significance of the breastfeeding relationship as a breastfeeding mom.

Besides this experience and a few other interactions, I mostly found information about breastfeeding from books and online. My growing belly and I stayed up late, my bedroom glowing softly from my kindle or my cell phone, pouring over information in anticipation of what was to come.

Once my son was born, I struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning. Of primary importance to my husband and I was making sure our child was eating enough. Unlike feeding with a bottle, we had no idea how much milk I was producing or how much our son ate at any given feeding. These struggles encouraged me to read more and ask more questions.

I am so proud of the fact that we persevered through the hard days out of dedication and love. I finally learned to relax in the breastfeeding relationship and see that its worth extends far beyond nutrition.

I love watching my son’s world and mind grow. From those first few smiles, to finding his hands or his ears, to crawling, to walking, he notices more details about his surroundings and plays with relationships everyday. During this growth, breastfeeding has provided me with another tool as a mother to nurture his growing spirit. It offers him a quiet and consistent home-base in his ever changing world. It helps soothe him when sick, or teething, or hurt, or just because. Breastfeeding also allowed me to realize the beauty of my own body and helped me learn to love myself.

I hope that sharing parts of my story on this blog will help support others who have decided to breastfeed. Through this process, I learned that some of my friends who chose to breastfeed felt supported in their journey, but others did not. I may not have known about the immensity of becoming a mom or the breastfeeding relationship in the past, but I am fully aware of its significance now. I am thankful to those who were willing to share their journey with me – in person and online. I want to pay that support forward.
I am a mom, a wife, a practicing attorney, dairy-free, a healthy lifestyle advocate, and a nature lover. I am grateful for the opportunity to share about my journey on this blog. I hope you will join me and share your stories too.