How can you help support a breastfeeding mom?
1. Let her know you value her efforts. Often simple gestures and statements of support go a long way.
2. Help manage visitors. Sometimes visitors can feel overwhelming. Sometimes the unwanted comments and advice can feel overwhelming. Help manage the number of visitors, length of visit, and responses to visitors comments.
3. Resist efforts or pressure to separate mom and baby. Visitors comments and efforts to separate mom and baby can cause significant anxiety. Encourage and support togetherness.
4. Give her a break when she needs one. Sometimes a hot shower or a soak in an epsom salt bath goes a long way to help mom feel cared for.
5. Listen to her worries and concerns and suggest professional support when appropriate. Sometimes moms worry because of real struggles or the unknown. She may just need someone to listen. Other times she may need outside support. Depending on where you live, some resources may include your local hospital for breastfeeding clinics, a lactation consultant, a postpartum doula, and a local La Leche League for one on one support or group meetings.
6. Get her water and food. Hydration and good nutrition are key for healthy lactation. A breastfeeding mom is often thirsty and hungry!
7. Help out with other tasks around the house and help take care of older kids. Do laundry, cook dinner, play with or help feed older kids, walk the dog.
8. Ask mom what she needs and how she’s feeling. Knowing she has support can go a long way.

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